Privacy Statement


The McGill University Student Involvement program is created through a co-operation between McGill University and CampusLabs, LLC. CampusLabs only requires verifier for access into this system, all other informational disclosure is strictly voluntary. Information collected through the McGill University Student Involvement system will reside on servers in Canada but operated from the United States.

You consent to participate in the McGill University Student Involvement program by clicking the checkbox.  Please note that in order protect your privacy, the password information entered on the McGill University Shibboleth login screen is not shared with CampusLabs, LLC. However, once you login, your first name, last name, McGill email address and McGill student ID will be shared with CampusLabs, LLC. This information will be shared to ensure that your official name that is registered with McGill University will appear on your co-curricular record.

By agreeing to these conditions, you have expressed consent for McGill University to collect information about your involvement in University activities, and to create and populate your co-curricular record of involvement. Students and alumni with information stored on the McGill Student Involvement program may request to have their information withdrawn from the system at any time by communicating in writing to the Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students.

The export of any information to a third party server such as Google calendar or Facebook is strictly voluntary. You are urged to be aware of the privacy policies of those vendors before disclosing any information. McGill University has no liability for information shared through third party data exports performed by the individual user or group.

This information will be held for administrative and research purposes only and will follow University procedures regarding privacy and access.

For more information about student personal rights and privacy, please see:

If you have questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information by participating in this program please contact Lina Di Genova at or Student Services, McGill University, 3600 McTavish, Suite 4100 Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2. Tel: 514-398-3825