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Tashan Dance Company (TDC)

Tashan is McGill's first fusion dance team - combining various dance styles from across the world we strive to deliver passion and creativity through our work to our clients and at performance/competition.

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS)

Teaching and Learning Services

The Black Students' Network of McGill University (BSN)

We are a SSMU services that seeks to provide a space for students to learn and engage with the black experience in Montreal and McGill through social events, political discussions, and food sales.

The Bull & Bear (B&B)

The Bull & Bear is McGill's student-run news magazine. With journalists and photojournalists to capturing events around McGill and Montreal, The Bull & Bear is an excellent organization for anyone interested in writing, editing, logistics, or photography

The Education Community Living Environment Project (ECOLE)

The ECOLE Project is a model of urban sustainable living and a physical hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities. We do applied student research, provide alternative education programming, and believe in experiential learning.

The McGill International Review (MIR)

The McGill International Review is a student-run publication that offers a place for students to discuss and explore the world of International Relations.

The Plate Club (PC)

The “Plate Club” is the reusable dishware provider service of the Students’ Society of McGill University. Its mandate is to promote micro-level waste reduction on campus and reduce disposable dishware usage at events at McGill and in Montreal.

Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella (TX)

Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella, or TX, is McGill University's oldest A Cappella group. These talented students arrange and perform music from all different genres ranging from pop, R&B, jazz, and rock. They perform at their annual concerts and McGill events.

TVM: Student Television at McGill (TVM)

TVM is a student-run, web based television station and production outlet serving the McGill community. We at TVM, as a SSMU service, work hard to provide entertainment and news for the McGill community.