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Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

Random Acts of Kindness raises money and awareness for local non-profit organizations and community-driven initiatives, one cause at a time.

Reboot McGill (Reboot)

Get a hands on experience with computational units and learn something new. We have resources for you to do anything from cleaning your own computer to making a computer for the greater Montreal community.

Recreational Dance Company (RDC)

RDC is a dance club at McGill focused on low costs and low time commitments. We cover a variety of styles and are open to everyone regardless of experience. A few drop in classes a week offers the chance to stay fit, make friends and dance!

Residences Community and Equity Committee

Residences Community and Equity Committee

Ronteweiénstha Tehontatia'takéhnhen (Homework Help)

This is a tutoring/mentoring program offered by SEDE that provides opportunities for Indigenous youth from the Kahnawake Survival School and McGill students to learn from one another.

Russian Speaking Association (RSA)

Our goals are to provide opportunities to learn more about Russian and other CIS countries' culture on campus through various educational and leisurely events, to create a friendly and open atmosphere for discussions, to bring together native speakers.