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Peace by P.E.A.C.E. Montreal

Our goal is to teach students how to deal with conflict by providing them with easy strategies and working with them to learn how they can be used in everyday situations.

Peer Programs Network (PPN)

Peer Programs Network, an initiative of Campus Life and Engagement

Peer Support Centre (PSC)

Peer Support Centre, an SSMU Service

Physical & Occupational Therapy Undergrad Society (POTUS)

POTUS is a student-run organization that represents over 400 future healthcare professionals enrolled in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy within McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Players' Theatre (Players')

Welcome to Players’ Theatre, a non-profit theatre group serving both the McGill and Montreal communities.

Poseidon Water Polo Club (Poseidon Water Polo)

Poseidon Water Polo is a student-run group consisting of two competitive teams, who compete in a local league. We have two practices per week and league games every second weekend during the regular season.