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Mac Christian Fellowship (MacCF)

We are a group of students working toward the common goal of being disciples of Christ! We hope to provide the campus with a place of spiritual growth based on the Bible. Encouraging each other prepares us to help and love our campus.


MACappella is a collective of students from McGill’s Macdonald Campus who are united by the reciprocal passion for singing

Macdonald Campus Music Club (MMC)

We are a group of students that use our love and compassion for music to share happiness with those in need! We organize jam sessions to appreciate and bond over music, as well as organize performances for those in need of joy in their lives!

Macdonald Campus Residences

Macdonald Campus Residences - Laird Hall and EcoResidence

Macdonald Campus Robotics Club (MAC Robotics Club)

The Macdonald Campus Robotics club is club for students eager to learn about electronics, coding and computer modelling. We offer tutorials and design sessions that help students develop hands-on skills that they can later make use of in the workplace.

Macdonald Campus Students' Society (MCSS)

The Macdonald Campus Students' Society (l’Association des étudiants du Campus Macdonald) represents the interests of all diploma and undergraduate students of the Macdonald Campus of McGill University.

Macdonald Campus University Advancement Office

Our office creates opportunities for students to attend workshops/seminars/lectures from alumni in various fields of interest.

Macdonald Judging Club (Mac Judging Club)

The Mac Judging club is where members get the chance to compete against other Universities across Canada in Agricultural Judging competitions. We judge things such as cattle, crops, home-crafts, and baking. We also host our own competition in the winter.

Macdonald Model Building Club (MMBC)

Club (M.M.B.C) is a club that was establish for the joy of model building, through the sharing of experience and techniques. This club includes a variety of model such as “ANIEME MODELS, “HOUSING MODELS”, “PLANE MODELS”, “CAR MODELS” and much more.

Macdonald Student Ecological Garden (MSEG)

Macdonald Student Ecological Garden

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