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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities. (SSMU Club)

Cinema Politica

Cinema Politica screens documentaries pertaining to relevant political and social issues in an effort to raise global awareness on the McGill campus. All screenings are by donation and open to the public, and are followed by discussions or Q&As.

Debating Union of the Student Society of McGill University

The Debating Union of the Student Society of McGill University provides students at McGill with the opportunity to explore and improve their debating and public speaking skills by hosting show rounds, regular trainings, and debate tournaments.

Israel on Campus McGill

Israel on Campus is McGill University’s one-stop shop for anything Israel related. IOC brings the spirit of Israeli society to campus through events, talks, and other programming initiatives.

McGill Law Students' Association (LSA)

The LSA is the official student organization of the Faculty of Law of McGill University.

McGill Political Science Students' Association (PSSA)

PSSA represents all honours, majors, and minor students registered in Political Science at McGill University. Beyond organizing academic and social events, PSSA represents students academically to the Department of Political Science.

McGill Pre-Law Students' Society (MPLS)

MPLS is a SSMU student group that provides invaluable law-related opportunities to our members. We offer resources such as speakers, seminars, and online information in order to support them through the law school decision and application process.

McGill Students' Actuarial Association (MSAA)

The McGill Students' Actuarial Association is a SSMU student club looking to boost support for aspiring actuaries at McGill. We serve as a liaison between actuarial students and their goals, providing members with information on actuarial science.

McGill Students Chapter of War Child (MSCWC)

We are McGill's student chapter of the global charity known as War Child. We dedicate our time and efforts to help raise awareness to the presence of child soldiers across the world.

McGill Students for Amnesty International

Our goal on campus is to mobilize public pressure to expose and oppose human rights violations. We raise awareness to human right abuses around the world through various events such as panel discussions, demonstrations, and letter writing campaigns.

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