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iGEM McGill

iGEM McGill is an undergraduate synthetic biology research group that aims to compete in the iGEM competition while fostering a productive learning experience for its members and spreading knowledge about synthetic biology at McGill.

Improv On The Farm (McGill Mac Campus Improv Club)

McGill Macdonald Campus Improv Club. Through skills workshops, theatre exercises, and group bonding, students will become skilled storytellers and improvisers able to perform spontaneous scenes (both long and short).

Indian Students Association (ISA)

A showcase of Indian culture on campus! Our aim is to highlight Indian culture through a multitude of events that outline many aspects of India such as the music, art, food and much more!

Inertia Modern Dance Collective

Inertia Modern Dance Collective is founded on the assertion that contemporary dance is a constantly evolving art form. A SSMU club.

International Management Association (IMA)

The IMA acts as a large and diverse networking and resource building community in place to help any and all McGill students interested in working internationally or pursuing a career with an international focus.

International Student Services (ISS)

International Student Services works hard to promote the growth, development and success of our international students, and ease their transition to McGill and Montreal.

Israel on Campus McGill

Israel on Campus is McGill University’s one-stop shop for anything Israel related. IOC brings the spirit of Israeli society to campus through events, talks, and other programming initiatives.