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Green Drinks

Green Drinks-Ste-Anne is a monthly environmental forum for people to get together, exchange ideas and help start collaborative work. Green Drinks is a part of a network of over 600 chapters. We have monthly guest speakers and films.

Macdonald Campus Robotics Club (MAC Robotics Club)

The Macdonald Campus Robotics club is club for students eager to learn about electronics, coding and computer modelling. We offer tutorials and design sessions that help students develop hands-on skills that they can later make use of in the workplace.

McGill Science Computer Taskforce (CTF)

CTF is a volunteer organization on campus that offers computer and printing services to McGill undergraduate Science students through our labs in the Burnside basement and our remote stations, operates from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ)

When MSURJ launched in Fall 2005 as a student-run initiative to promote and support undergraduate research, it was one of North America’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted to undergraduate work.

McGill Student's Flying Club (MSFC)

The McGill Student's Flying Club provides a platform for you to engage in flight training, sky diving and other aviation-related activities.

McGill TechFair (TechFair)

The McGill University Engineering and Technology Career Fair (McGill Engineering TechFair) connects students in engineering, computer science and physical sciences with top employers with the purpose of exploring career or internship opportunities.


The McGill University Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team, also known as Mutrac, is a design team originally formed by Bioresource Engineering students, yet any student who is interested in learning and helping out can join the club.

Reboot McGill (Reboot)

Get a hands on experience with computational units and learn something new. We have resources for you to do anything from cleaning your own computer to making a computer for the greater Montreal community.

Science Undergraduate Society (SUS)

A society elected by the Science student body to govern itself.

The Education Community Living Environment Project (ECOLE)

The ECOLE Project is a model of urban sustainable living and a physical hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities. We do applied student research, provide alternative education programming, and believe in experiential learning.