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Arab Students' Association (ASA)

Since 1962, the 'ASA' has been proudly representing the Arab world at McGill University. We are the Arab experience here at McGill; through cross cultural exchange, all students have the opportunity to experience our culture and heritage.

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

Festive, vibrant and a hub for foodies all over, we, the Bangladeshi Student’s Association (BSA) is your home away from home. An SSMU Club.

British Appreciation Society (BAS)

McGill's British Appreciation Society. Bringing together Brits and their admirers everywhere. (SSMU Club)

Caribbean Students' Society (CSS)

We are a culture club at McGill that seeks to promote, foster, encourage and celebrate Caribbean Culture in the McGill and Montreal Community.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

McGill University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), is the only student community certified by the Chinese Embassy on campus, and it is the only cultural club dedicated mainly to students and scholars from Mainland China.

Cousins: Indigenous Student Mentorship Program

Cousins, a new Indigenous Student Mentorship Program, is designed to connect First Nations, Inuit and Métis students to facilitate peer support and ease in navigating the student community, the University, and the city.

First Peoples' House

First Peoples' House aims to provide Indigenous students attending McGill with a "home away from home", where they can find support and encouragement to succeed in their studies and remain connected to their culture.

Indian Students Association (ISA)

A showcase of Indian culture on campus! Our aim is to highlight Indian culture through a multitude of events that outline many aspects of India such as the music, art, food and much more!

Israel on Campus McGill

Israel on Campus is McGill University’s one-stop shop for anything Israel related. IOC brings the spirit of Israeli society to campus through events, talks, and other programming initiatives.

Japanese Student Association of McGill (JSA)

We are a SSMU Club that promotes Japanese culture, hosting various events and opportunities for students ranging from restaurant outings, workshops to volunteering opportunities.

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