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Agricultural Economic Club (AgEcon Club)

Every Ag.Econ student is part of this group of fun-oriented, enthusiastic students. The club seeks to strengthen connections between students of this program, furthering knowledge of agricultural economics and provide a platform for communication.

Empower McGill

Empower McGill: Embracing Disabilities in Business Conference is a McGill University initiative to promote and highlight the benefits and opportunities of disability inclusion in the workplace.

International Management Association (IMA)

The IMA acts as a large and diverse networking and resource building community in place to help any and all McGill students interested in working internationally or pursuing a career with an international focus.

Management Undergraduate Society (MUS)

The MUS has always been an integral part of the McGill University tradition. Our mission is to cultivate the personal, academic, and professional development of BCom students within the Desautels Faculty of Management

McGill Students for Enactus (Enactus McGill)

EN•ACT•US entrepreneurial—initiating business ideas and solutions with passion and innovation. action—the experience of sustainable impact, activated with integrity. us—student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world.

MyVision at McGill

MyVision at McGill is McGill University's social business base, where students, faculty and community members can come to learn about social business and entrepreneurship and how to get involved in this dynamic new frontier in responsible business.