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GetFit Club

Our club brings students together by promoting healthy lifestyles through fitness and balanced diet at McGill. We offer regular fitness events, a gym buddy program, and advertise healthy recipes and workout plans on our Facebook page!

Inertia Modern Dance Collective

Inertia Modern Dance Collective is founded on the assertion that contemporary dance is a constantly evolving art form. A SSMU club.

McGill Athletics

McGill Athletics and Recreation is proud to boast 29 different intercollegiate teams, numerous competitive clubs, 700 intramural teams plus an extensive Fitness and Recreation program that encompasses over 100 non-credit fitness and recr

McGill Students Cricket Club (McGill Cricket)

Home of cricket at McGill University.

McGill Student's Flying Club (MSFC)

The McGill Student's Flying Club provides a platform for you to engage in flight training, sky diving and other aviation-related activities.

McGill Students for Right To Play (RTP)

McGill Student's for Right To Play's mandate is to raise funds and awareness for Right To Play on campus and throughout the community. Using the power of sport and play, RTP makes a positive impact on children affected by poverty, war and disease.

McGill Students Outdoors Club (MOC)

The MOC is one of the oldest Outdoors (Outing) Clubs in Montreal, founded in 1936. Every weekend, MOC'ers just like you are out there enjoying themselves in the great outdoors. We're a student club, but open to all. Trips for all, beginners to experts!

McGill Students' Tango Society (Tango at McGill)

The organization aims to make Argentine tango accessible to the McGill community, bring together dancers and all people interested in this dance. It provides professional and affordable classes, organize interactive events and social outings.

McGill Ultimate Team (MUT)

Made up of two men's and two women's teams, McGill Ultimate competes both provincially and nationally each year during the fall semester. Some of our players have even gone on to compete internationally and professionally outside McGill.

Poseidon Water Polo Club (Poseidon Water Polo)

Poseidon Water Polo is a student-run group consisting of two competitive teams, who compete in a local league. We have two practices per week and league games every second weekend during the regular season.

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