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Chromatones A Cappella

Chromatones A Cappella is a passionate group of singers at McGill University. We perform songs drawn from all genres, inspired by the musical tastes of our members. We perform at various events and have one main performance at the end of each semester.

Cinema Politica

Cinema Politica screens documentaries pertaining to relevant political and social issues in an effort to raise global awareness on the McGill campus. All screenings are by donation and open to the public, and are followed by discussions or Q&As.

Effusion A Cappella

We're one of McGill's finest a cappella ensembles! Music sans instruments is our passion and we draw our influences from across the musical spectrum. R&B, soul, gospel, pop, folk, rock, and jazz influences can all be heard in our repertoire.

Franc Jeu

The only french-speaking theatre company on campus. Franc-Jeu produces two semi-professional plays per academic year. We also organize weekly workshops open to all, without auditions. Past productions at the Mainline theater, Espace Libre, and CADM.

Happy Feet

Want to learn to dance, but never dance before? Expect at dancing, and want to meet other fun people? Want to learn about other cultures, and have fun?Come, and join us at our weekly meetings.

Improv On The Farm (McGill Mac Campus Improv Club)

McGill Macdonald Campus Improv Club. Through skills workshops, theatre exercises, and group bonding, students will become skilled storytellers and improvisers able to perform spontaneous scenes (both long and short).

Inertia Modern Dance Collective

Inertia Modern Dance Collective is founded on the assertion that contemporary dance is a constantly evolving art form. A SSMU club.

Les Muses Chorale

Women's chamber chorus.


MACappella is a collective of students from McGill’s Macdonald Campus who are united by the reciprocal passion for singing

Macdonald Campus Music Club (MMC)

We are a group of students that use our love and compassion for music to share happiness with those in need! We organize jam sessions to appreciate and bond over music, as well as organize performances for those in need of joy in their lives!

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