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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Society (AESUS)

Students enrolled in Ag. + Envr. Sciences, Bioresource Engineering, and FMT are all members of AESUS. We aim to organize events and activities to provide a meeting space for students, professors, and those in the Agricultural and Environmental field.

Agricultural Economic Club (AgEcon Club)

Every Ag.Econ student is part of this group of fun-oriented, enthusiastic students. The club seeks to strengthen connections between students of this program, furthering knowledge of agricultural economics and provide a platform for communication.

Ambassadors for Campus and Community Engagement (ACCE Team)

The ACCE Team is an opportunity for students to help other students; this is achieved in part by promoting involvement and fostering community at McGill.

Arab Students' Association (ASA)

Since 1962, the 'ASA' has been proudly representing the Arab world at McGill University. We are the Arab experience here at McGill; through cross cultural exchange, all students have the opportunity to experience our culture and heritage.

Association des futur(e)s agronomes du Québec (AFAQ)

L'Association des futur(e)s agronomes du Québec (AFAQ) est un club qui a comme mission d'assister et de représenter les étudiants du programme d'agronomie de McGill. L'AFAQ fait le lien entre les élèves et l'Ordre des Agronomes du Québec.

Bachelor of Arts and Science Integrative Council (BASiC)

The BASiC represents the interests of all students enrolled in the B.A&Sc. program at all levels of student government, and to McGill administrators.

Bangladeshi Students Association (BSA)

Festive, vibrant and a hub for foodies all over, we, the Bangladeshi Student’s Association (BSA) is your home away from home. An SSMU Club.

Beyond Me

We are a student-run organization that reaches out into the Montreal community to foster mentorship relationships between McGill students and children and youth with disabilities.

Bioresource Engineering Association (BEA)

The Bioresource Eng. Association is a student-led society for Bioresource Engineers at McGill. The BEA is the link between the students, staff, other engineering societies, competitions, and fun BREE events!

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